Scott now dedicates all of his time to his spiritual work and is able to offer the following:


Trance Healing with Doctor Pinnock

Appointments are available for a consultation and healing with Doctor Pinnock. Doctor Pinnock works with Scott in the trance state to assist with various conditions and ailments.

This is a great opportunity to experience trance healing with Scott who is now one of the UK’s leading trance and physical mediums.

There have been a number of successful healing experiences through Scott’s mediumship and this is an area that is constantly developing and expanding. Opportunities are being made available for people to have a consultation and treatment at various locations.

Please contact Scott or visit the Events page to arrange an appointment.

Altered States Workshops

Allow altered states to progress your journey of unfoldment. Altered states can help with inspired writing, drawing, music and many other forms of art. They allow greater communication between the two worlds. This is a great opportunity to be in arms of those who love you – allow them to guide you through the next steps of your unfoldment.

Trance Healing Workshops

Enhance your healing ability using altered states. This is a popular and most enjoyable workshop which allows you to further unfold your healing ability using altered states. Allowing those who work with you in the other world to draw closer still and build your healing power to share with others.

Physical Development Workshops

With over ten years experience of participating in the development of other physical mediums, in addition to his own development; Scott is now one of the very few people able to share these experiences for the benefit of his students. Working in many part of the world this is an extremely popular workshop where students will work hard and experience much and gain a greater understanding of physical mediumship.

Physical Mediumship Presentation

Having sat in well over three hundred seance over the past ten to twelve years, Scott has gained a huge amount of knowledge regarding Physical Mediumship. He has been fortunate to sit with a good number of Physical Mediums over the years and he likes nothing more that to share his experiences will all who will listen.