Scott has over fifteen years of understanding the trance state, and has sat in over three hundred Séance with three physical mediums. All this in addition to his own development. Having been fortunate enough to have sat with some of the modern day physical mediums

Scott with Stewart Alexander, David Thompson and Jack Webber's nephew


When a mother of one of the sitters comes forward:



Working with Scott in the other world, Daniel has the ability to manipulate matter and produce phenomenon. As the circle on both sides of life continues to develop, Daniel is able to push the boundaries further to produce greater phenomenon. Here is an image of Daniel drawn by Debbie Dean.


Matter through Matter

Here are some images taken from Scott’s home development circle demonstrating how the Spirit world are able to move matter through matter:

Moving Matter through Matter. See How the green ring has been put under Scott's arm and over his shoulder. As Viewed from the back
Now viewed from the front
This shows that Scott is still restrained
Different view of the restraints
In this image Scott's right leg has been moved through the right arm of the chair and you can see the restraints are still intact.