I have started a collection oif interesting video clips on my new YouTube channel.  I am fortunate that my work takes me to many different parts of the world and when these events are recorded, I like to share them with you.

Most of the clips are presentations and communications from the world unseen but I hope you enjoy watching them. Please click below to subscribe.


Child writes in Dutch

Fred June 9, 2020

On the 19th December, 2019 a Spirit Child writes MOEKE (Dutch for Mama) on a play house. It was left in front of her…

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Child Thumbprint

Fred June 9, 2020

On 14th December 2018 during one of the Christmas Tree Seances, one of the Spirit children made a thumbprint in the Playdo donated by…

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Bites from the apple

Fred October 4, 2015

During a séance at Banyan Retreat on Friday 2nd October, 2015, Daniel, the little girl and other children took bites from an apple.  Take…

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