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Physical Medium and Tutor

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I hope you enjoy the content of this website. I havScotte over fifteen years of understanding the trance or altered state, and have sat in well over three hundred séance with three physical mediums. All this in addition to my own development.


I hope you find this site of interest.


Scott Milligan Mentorship Programme

logoCome along and join me on this voyage of self discovery, exploring the many possibilities as your mediumship unfolds.

This mentorship will focus mainly on developing your entranced state. This will allow the spirit communicators to come forward and offer guidance on how your mediumship should unfold as you move forward on your development journey.

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Voices of the Past – 2016 at Banyan Retreat

Come and join us for Voices of the Past 2016 at Banyan Retreat


Starting on Monday 21st November through to Friday 25th November, 2016

A great few days in the Heart  of Kent


Seances – Workshops – Demonstrations – Readings and much much more

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Bites from the apple

During a séance at Banyan Retreat on Friday 2nd October, 2015, Daniel, the little girl and other children took bites from an apple.  Take a look at the photographs:

apple2 apple1

Robert Egiziano posted on Facebook:

After seeing these pictures, as a dentist, the teeth marks are consistent with a child of 9 to 11 years of age. You notice the permanent central and lateral tooth indentation, but more importantly, the deciduous or baby tooth indentation of the cuspid on the left side…this indicates a bird pattern of a child in between the ages of 9 to 11, perhaps 12 years of age. Amazing.

Largest Apport

Apported to the seance room in Home Circle on 3rd December, 2014:

Wednesday 3rd December, 2014


Apported in Home circle for one of the circle members


Wednesday 3rd December, 2014


Apported in Home Circle for all Circle Members. This is the largest apport that has been produced through Scott’s mediumship to date.